Many consumers may not obtain maximum possible benefits when taking fish oil supplements. Often consumers are unsure of the proper daily dose to take. Recommended daily intake varies from 1-12 g based on the goals of therapy and ailments treated, from severe inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis to fatty liver disease or hypertriglyceridemia to simple cardiovascular disease prevention. Sometimes treatment failures occur because OTC supplements have quality control problems.

Supplements of all types fall under the supervision of the FTC which only monitors advertising claims, whereas pharmaceuticals are regulated by the FDA which has stringent standards and requirements for purity and concentration. Mail order companies and box retail chains rely on low cost suppliers outside the US; many well-described issues exist in the supply chain, such that the New York state attorney general recently initiated an investigation into the matter. To obtain the best results it pays to consult an integrative medicine practitioner and use only the highest quality supplements.

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