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Suite of Services

  • Mindfulness -Consciously bringing awareness to your thoughts and feelings without making judgments about them, by observing what is happening right now, in your body, mind, and the world around us.
  • Lifestyle Triggers – Taking a closer look at your habits and techniques in making positive changes.
    Relationships – People who are mindful enjoy more satisfying relationships and are less troubled by relationship conflict.
  • Quality over Quantity – Doing Less, Enjoying More.
  • Crisis – Navigating through unexpected change.
  • Breathe your way to serenity – A simple breathing technique to calm your nervous system at home, work or anywhere you need a few moments of serenity.

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Green Bay Integrative Health was founded by a traditionally trained doctor after seeing a need for an independent medical clinic that focuses on all facets of an individual’s health and implements a full array of alternative treatment options.